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Inspection of Rated Electrical Assets (IEC Ex)

For an ignition to take place, availability of ignition source is imperative along with flammable atmosphere. Non-rated electrical fittings, malfunctioning electrical fittings or improperly maintained electrical fittings have prominently been an ignition source in majority of cases.

Electrical installations in hazardous areas need to be designed as per the hazardous zone to render them suitable for operations in such an atmosphere. Furthermore, it is essential that the integrity of these fittings and equipment is installed correctly and maintained in the Hazardous atmosphere, throughout the life of such installations.

IEC 60079 provides guidance on installation and maintenance of different types of specially designed/ rated electrical fittings. The standard also recommends a 3-year interval between periodic independent inspections of such equipment to ensure safe operation within a hazardous environment.

In this inspection, Sigma-HSE confirm the type of rated equipment as per Hazardous Area Classification. We also inspect the integrity of the equipment as well as its wiring and connections such that they are suitable for the hazardous area. We perform onsite visual inspections to identify the defects that are apparent to the eye without access to the equipment (Ex. Missing bolts, and unplugged cable entries, etc.) and close inspection of randomly selected sample equipment (at ground level) to identify damages such as loose bolt, obstructed flame path, etc.

Our inspectors are IEC Ex certified professionals who have worked on multiple installations in various sectors of the industries and have gained vast experience in different situations regarding Ex Inspection.

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