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Emergency Response and Disaster Management Planning (ERDMP)

In today’s global risk environment, an emergency preparedness program and capability are not optional for an organization. They are imperatives at the heart of compliance and good corporate governance. Establishing an emergency response and disaster management capability helps the company prepare for, respond to, and recover from adverse incidents. One need to be ready to respond in a coordinated, timely, and effective manner to natural, technological, or man-made disasters.

A well written emergency response & disaster management plan and proper training help to ensure that those charged with responding will know their responsibilities and what they are expected to do during an emergency situation. Scope of ERDMP involves the following:

  • Development of an Emergency Preparedness Plan to control and avert any disaster scenario that could be anticipated and the consequence of human and property damage. We utilize the latest applicable guidelines and rules such as PNGRB, MSIHC, CAEPPR, NDMA, etc.


  • Identification of major hazards and emergency categorization by taking inputs from existing QRA report.


  • Development of Emergency Management Structure (covering following key areas)
  • Emergency Facilities Management including designating emergency control centre, assembly points/ shelter-in-place, emergency escape routes, emergency communication, medical facilities, etc.
  • Incident Management System including emergency notification and declaration, control of emergency, role of key personnel such as site controller, incident controller, team leader and members, etc.
  • Procedure to handle specialized emergencies


At Sigma-HSE, we have experience in developing ERDMPs for the oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, FMCG, metallurgical, powder processing, paint, textile among other sectors.  We help companies by supporting the entire process of preparation, implementation and Training on Emergency Response/Preparedness and Disaster Management Plan (ERDMP).

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