Working together for a Safer World

Process Safety Management

PSM is an analytical framework for identifying and managing process risks. It is an effective safety management system that helps to prevent employees and surrounding facilities exposure to fires, explosions and toxic releases which can lead to serious hazards in process industries.

PSM strives to ensure all hazards of a process are identified and effectively managed for the lifetime of the process, regardless of changes in personnel, organization, or environment. For PSM system to be effective a systematic approach is required to evaluate the process design, process technology, process changes, operational and maintenance activities, non-routine activities, emergency preparedness, training etc,

Our PSM program is designed to support companies in adopting a combination of OSHA PSM and CCPS Risk Based Approach to process safety. This approach is aimed at ensuring that the facility:

  • Commits to Process Safety
  • Understands Hazards and Risks
  • Manages Risk effectively
  • Learns from Experience

Sigma-HSE conducts hand holding and PSM Implementation for which PSM Gap Analysis is carried out as a stepping-stone. A PSM gap analysis helps us to understand where the facility stands from the PSM point of view. Based on the output, workshops and training sessions are arranged to fill in the gaps and ensure smooth implementation and integration of PSM into the regular workings of the facility.