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PSM Implementation

Sigma-HSE has a team of experienced professionals who support industries in carrying out hand-holding and PSM Implementation for their operation. We recommend a three-phase approach to support clients as they develop and implement PSM systems at their facilities.

Phase 1: Conducting PSM Gap Analysis

Phase 2: Develop and Improve Selected PSM Programs

After PSM Gap Analysis, we at Sigma-HSE help our clients to develop and/or improve identified PSM elements. The output will be developed procedures for the selected element which will also define roles and responsibilities. In developing or improving these procedures, we will utilize the existing procedures, CCPS, and OSHA guidelines, and other industry standards and practices to develop cost-effective programs for your facility.

Phase 3: Execute and Implement Specific PSM Activities

In this phase, we provide our clients with support from our process safety specialists to help them execute the steps outlined in the PSM procedure. We help our clients in conducting training, carrying out or reviewing PHAs, applying Management of Change, performing pre-startup safety reviews, reviewing SOPs, conducting incident investigations, performing compliance audits among others. The level of assistance will depend on the specific tasks that are needed and the availability of qualified personnel in our clients’ team to perform these tasks.

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