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Incident Investigation

When an incident (particularly related to process safety) occurs, a thorough third-party investigation is required. The aim of these investigations is to enable a company to establish the root causes of the incident (including human factors) and to avoid recurrence of the incident. The investigation also helps in identification of management issues (if present) that may be having an effect on process safety. These issues could include communication, culture or competency.

An incident investigation is aimed to:

·        Identify the root cause of the accident

·        Analyze the escalation factors that increased the extent of loss

·        Provide recommendations that prevent the recurrence of such incidents in future

Many of the root causes of an incident are revealed when a systematic analysis of the human factors involved in the incident are identified. Often due to the system constraints, inhouse team have not been identified the systemic root causes and that’s where third party incident investigation is necessary.

Our experts have experience in carrying out investigation in the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, FMCG, metallurgical, powder processing, paint and agricultural industries among other sectors.  We have investigated fires/ explosions, near miss incidents involving:

·        Gases, vapors, aerosols or mists, dusts, powders, and solid materials

·        Runaway reactions

·        Electrostatic discharges, and the consequences of such discharges

·        Ignition source identification

·        Unknown hazardous properties of materials

We, at Sigma-HSE, understand the confidentiality of chemical plant specific information and will hold all information, findings, observations, reports, etc. in strictest confidence.

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