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Hazard Identification And Risk Assessment

For the process industry to be successful; it has become essential to identify the hazards, to assess the associated risks and to bring the risks to a tolerable level. Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis (HIRA) is a collective term that encompasses all activities involved in identifying hazards and evaluating risk at facilities, throughout their life cycle, to make certain that risks to employees, the public, or the environment are consistently controlled within the organization’s risk tolerance. Hazard identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) is a continual process and is carried out to identify whatever could cause injury, damage & ill-health arising out of various routine & non-routine activities and processes.

These studies typically address three main risk questions to a level of detail commensurate with analysis objectives, life cycle stage, available information, and resources.

The three main risk questions are:

  • Hazard – What can go wrong?
  • Consequences – How bad could it be?
  • Likelihood – How often might it happen?

HIRA is a tool by which hazards are identified at various stages of a particular activity/ unit operation. Risk assessment is carried out for each stage based on the engineering judgments. Finally, the recommendations are suggested, if existing mitigation measures are deemed to be insufficient to mitigate the risk.

At Sigma-HSE (India), our experienced facilitators use their vast experience and knowledge to help our customers conduct Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment and review the hazards to suggest measures at an early stage of the design.

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