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Dust Hazard Assessment

Have you been leaving footmarks in dust in your plant? Do you often write something on the spilled layer of powder? Have you ever thought about dust being explosive? Did you know that the dust you are handling is combustible or not? Do you fear that there can be a dust explosion in your facility? Are you unsure what properties to get tested for your powder? Have you thought about utilising the tested parameters on shop floor to take measures?

A combustible dust is a finely divided particulate solid that presents a flash-fire hazard or explosion hazard when suspended in air, or another oxidizing medium.

Combustible Dust Hazards are a concern for almost every industry and plant - in particular, pharmaceutical, food/ agriculture, metal, cosmetic, chemical manufacturing, paint and pigment, wood, plastic and polymer. Many facilities manufacture and/ or handle materials in the form of powders and some facilities generate powders through handling and processing solid materials. Such facilities may be subject to combustible dust hazards.

Dust Hazard Analysis or Assessment (DHA) is a systematic review to identify and evaluate the potential fire, flash fire, or explosion hazards associated with the presence of one or more combustible particulate solids in a process or facility. Or in more simpler terms, DHA is a study to assess the workplace comprehensively based on the identified flammability properties of powder within the complete framework of your workplace and its operations and equipment with following objectives:

  • Do not have a flammable atmosphere, but if you do…
  • Do not ignite it, but if you do…
  • Do not hurt anyone.

Combustible dust experts can visit your facility to assess the risks related to receipt, storage, processing and disposal of all powder materials. They will evaluate existing dust management systems, handling practices, equipment and operations, Explosion Prevention and Protection measures including availability of explosion isolation.

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