Working together for a Safer World

Fire Safety

The occurrence of any fire has the potential to cause severe damage to both life and property.

Fire safety is an established set of practices focused to prevent or mitigate the damage caused by fire. In an incident of fire, the investigation usually highlights issues such as non-compliance to standards, lack of precautionary maintenance like the upkeep of extinguishers, fire doors, fire exits & their markings and assembly areas, gross overlook of safety procedures, trainings and evacuation drills, etc. To ensure robust fire safety a well-defined fire strategy encompassing fire precautions, management of fire safety and fire protection plays a very crucial role. It involves the development and implementation of risk appropriate policies and procedures in line with objectives specific to the business.

We focus on the requirements of National Building Code (NBC) of India and other international codes to cover fire prevention, life safety in relation to fire and fire protection.

At Sigma-HSE, we not only conduct fire safety audit to identify the gaps but also help company in preparing and implementing a tailor-made fire safety strategy. We also help our customers to carry out Fire Load calculation and Fire Zoning as well.